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Computer Protections don’t have to be complicated. We can help!

Computer Defense:

✔ Next-Generation Anti-Virus protections

✔ Real-Time Monitoring

✔ Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) Protections

✔ Threat Hunting

✔ Anomaly Detection

✔ Automated Response

✔ Automated Policy Deployment

✔ Automatic Updates

Data Protection:

✔ Automatically Protect, Detect, kill and Quarantine threats

✔ Automated Cleanup & or Rollback Features

✔ Network containment to stop the infection

✔ Anti-Tamper controls to prevent unauthorized uninstalls

Computer Firewall:

✔ Protection & integration into local computer firewall

✔ Prevent unauthorized changes and disablement

✔ Centralized control of all computer firewalls

✔ Blacklist/Whitelist capabilities

✔ Port level and IP level blocking

USB Protection:

✔ Automated plug and play scanning.

✔ USB Permissions (Allow, Read, & Write)

✔ All Peripheral protection

✔ Device/peripheral Whitelisting

✔ Bluetooth protections