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What is Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV)?NGAV is a newer version of the original Anti-Virus (AV)
that introduces more sophisticated protections. Learn
more about NGAV on our learn Page.
How does NGAV better protect me than a normal AV?Please visit our Learn page for a detailed breakdown
between AV and NGAV
What exactly is Computer Protectors offering?We’re offering our expertise in installing, configuring and
managing Industry Leading NGAV protections for personal computers.
Who is this service meant for?This service is meant for anyone (Technical or
Non-Technical) who is interested in securing
their personal computers.
What’s included in this service?This service includes the following:
– 1 Year Licensing
– 24 x 7 expert protection
– Ransomware Prevention
– Industry Standard Policy Protections (Same as
businesses use).
– USB Defense
– Automatic Updates
– Installation Support
– Peace of mind knowing that you’re protected.
If I purchase this service, I’ll be 100% protected right?While that sounds great, there’s no 100% protection in the
cyber industry. Purchasing this service means you
will have an industry leading NGAV protecting you.

Cybersecurity comes in multiple layers of protection.
You should still be mindful of what you click on,
what you’re browsing and who you’re sending
information to.
Will this stop Spam emails from reaching my inbox?Email protection is a separate more costly offering
that isn’t included in this service.
Can I install this for my phone?Once a version for cell phones becomes available
we will work to make that available to you.
I have another AV already installed. Can
I run that so I’m double protected?
While that sounds great in theory, it isn’t
recommended. AV’s don’t play well together
and running two or more will break protections
and slow your computer.
How much does this cost?$9.99 Monthly / $99.99 Yearly.
How can I purchase this?Click the Buy Now page at the top right of the screen,
or click Buy Now here.
Can I bundle my purchase for multiple
computers and receive a discount.
For discount pricing, please email us at with license
What’s your return policy (Monthly Subscription)?Returns can be made on a month by month basis.
However, you will be charged for the current months
usage. We cannot provide a partial month return.
What’s your return policy (Yearly
Returns can only be accepted if a return request
is made prior to the customer receipt of their welcome
email. Once a customer receives their welcome email,
which contains a license, that license can no longer be
reused and returns are no longer accepted.
How can I get installation support?Email us at
Who can I contact for questions.Email us at with
service related questions.
What are next steps after I purchase this?Please allow up to 48 hours to secure your license
and send out your welcome email.
What is the customer responsible for?The customers responsibility is the following:
– Review this FAQ page, Terms & Conditions,
Privacy Policy and Return Policy.
– Ask any questions before purchasing.
– Complete the quick installation insturctions
that are included in the welcome email.
– Sit back and relax, you’ve done enough 🙂
What is Computer Protectors responsible for?Our responsibility is for the following:
– Secure your license.
– Send you you’re welcome email.
– Answer questions you have on installation issues.
– Confirm your computer is properly reporting.
– Stay up to date on latest industry trends.
– Push out configuration changes and updates as
they become available.
– Make sure you have the best protections possible.
Can Computer Protectors access my computer
and see my files.
No, we will not have access to that information.
Minimum Computer Requirements For Windows
Operating System
Windows 10, 11
Minimum Computer Requirements For Mac
Operating System
MacOS Sonoma 14
MacOS Ventura 13
MacOS Monterey 12
MacOS Big Sur 11
How can I trust Computer Protectors to protect me?Our mission at Computer Protectors is to deliver
top-level Next-Generation Anti-Virus protections to home
consumers at an affordable cost. We’ve got the time,
knowledge, and experience to do it.

The real question is, why wouldn’t you take advantage
of such a great opportunity?
This sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?Helping to educate and protect individuals on the
cybersecurity side of things has always been a
passion. Here at Computer Protectors, we understand
that not everyone has the time, knowledge or money to
properly protect their digital footprint. We’re helping to
bridge that gap to provide protection to all.

To answer your question, there is no catch. It’s just a
great service offered by great people.
Still have questions? Email us at for more information.