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Pop Quiz: How do organizations protect themselves?

Answer: One critical component of their security is called Next-Generation-Anti-Virus (NGAV). This newer more robust Anti-Virus includes advanced protections, providing much more security. Below is a comparison between the two types of Anti-Viruses.

Protection TypeOlder Anti-VirusNewer Next-Generation Anti-Virus
Behavior-Based Detections: Identify threats based on the
actions of software and compare to known malware
Signature-based Detections: Identify the signature from
software and compare it to signatures of known malware.
Real-Time Monitoring: Always-on monitoring of system activities.YesYes
Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI): Learn and
adapt to new threats through computer algorithms.
Anomaly Detection: Systems can identify deviations from normal
behavior in real-time.
Automated Response: Automatically respond to malware.
Minimizing the time between detection and mitigation.
Cloud-Based Architecture: Offers the ability to push remote
updates & provides quicker scans on larger data sizes.
Advanced Threat Protection: Offers protection against unknown
vulnerabilities and fileless attack malware.
Automated Policy Deployment: Allows for easier and faster policy
deployments to a larger number of computers.
Automatic Updates: Configurable options to push out automated
updates as soon as they are relased.

So why wouldn’t you use a Next-Generation Anti-Virus to protect your home computers?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons:

1. Knowledge

2. Time

3. Cost

So how can Computer Protectors help?